Best of Swiss beef for the dog

These snacks and chews made from Swiss Beef are thought as the noble and special reward with high acceptance for in between, suitable for big and small dogs.

«Simmental meat snacks are dried by an innovative and soot free method without using any fire. Thereby the meat is developing a smoky, delicious and tasty flavour.» 

The meat we purchase from Switzerland. The delicious meat flavour is resulting from spicy grass fodder and alpine herbs. The unmixed DeliBest Simmental beef snacks providing a meanful employment, strengthen the muscles of mastication and are also suitable for dental cleaning. The Simmental chews are intended for administration between meals as a reward. Tight packed in flavour saved, resealable bags.
Available as Simmental beef chew snack for large or medium dogs:
- beef tendon sticks 250g 
- beef «carne» chew sticks 200g 
- beef «milk» sticks 200g
- beef oxtail 200g
- beef lung sticks 120g
- beef meat sticks 150g
- beef lung cubes 120g
Available as Simmental beef chew snack for smaller dogs:
- beef «Carne» chew sticks 90g 
- beef «milk» sticks 90g
- beef lung sticks 60g
- beef meat sticks 80g
Available as Simmental beef reward article for dogs & cats:
- beef meat stripes 90g
- beef meat cubes 180g
- beef lung cubes 60g
Packaging sample Simmental beef chew


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