Filet Snack 100% Made in Switzerland

Filet Snack is a reward item of excellent acceptance made with fresh meat. It serves as unmixed source of protein and energy, and is ideal for all dogs. The meat is cold-formed, thus this valuable minerals are retaining in the meat. The gentle preparation is made without additives or preservatives, as well as without grain, and is therefore gluten-free. DeliBest Filet Snack is made entirely in Switzerland. This ensures sustainable production and a gentle use of resources, as well as a high-quality product „Made in Switzerland“. DeliBest fillet snacks are produced in Switzerland according to strict HACCP and ISO 22000 guidelines. The latest insights are also applying to sustainable production and careful use of resources. These guidelines serve to produce this valuable product in food quality. DeliBest Filet Snacks are available in 3 different kind of meat variations.

Filet Snacks are available in 3 delicious varieties, chicken from Switzerland, guinea fowl from France and duck from France.




New source of protein: meat and snacks from water buffalo

Buffalo meat products have everywhere very great success. Buffalo meat can't be compared with exotic meat even with the beef so the meat is very appreciated in many steakhouses. Delipet AG offers products from water buffalo that dogs will enjoy this delicious and unique specialties. Buffalo meat is also a very valuable and tasty alternative for dogs with allergies.

Customers appreciate the wild-like taste of the meat and its nutritional value. In addition, the meat has a very low cholesterol level why it may be an ideal complement and variety for overweight dogs. His high content of unsaturated fatty acids may also be conducive to the welfare of the dog.

Delipet AG offers this tasty specialty in 3 delicious flavors at:

(from left to right)

  • DeliBest Premium Water buffalo meat sticks 200g
  • DeliBest Premium Water buffalo horn shoes 200g
  • DeliBest Premium Water buffalo Oxtail 200g

More Options:

Download the assortment list

Best of Swiss Simmental beef for the dog

Meat from Simmental beef is at top chefs worldwide in trend. The marbling and flavor make the meat to something special. Delipet AG offers Simmental meat for the dog. Whether as a special and noble chew for snack or as a reward with high acceptance, the DeliBest Simmental beef is a suitable chew for large and small dogs.

"Simmental meat snacks are dried over beechwood fire, thereby a fine kitchen smoke flavor is emerged."

The meat we purchase from Switzerland and the Alpine region. Spicy grass fodder and alpine herbs are resulting the delicious meat flavor. The unmixed DeliBest Simmental beef snacks providing a meanful employment, strengthen the muscles of mastication and are also suitable for dental cleaning. The Simmental Chews are intended for administration between meals or as a reward.

This is an example package in our own brand DeliBest. In the assortment list are even more items which are not seen here on those pictures.

More Options:

Simmental chew snack flyer to download here

Download the assortment list

Simmental Newsletter to see here



Shelves module 1,2,3,4

In this section you can find the assortment modules with selected specialties which are determined in the various market types and sizes on the market. We offer our customers a lot of shelf modules with the top sellers. The assortment placement is based on the different market types.

More Options:

download detailed view shelf module 1-3 

download detailed view shelf module 4


Shelve module 1/DeliBest "fast movers" assortment 


-For Small markets
-10 Article
-Pocket Size with a favorable Recommended retail price
-High revenue
-Attractive Trading range

Shelve module 2/DeliBest "competence" assortment

-For Medium markets
-21 Article
- Pocket Size
- Light Products
-Functional Food
- High turnover
-Attractive Trading range

Shelve module 3/DeliBest retailers assortment

-For Larger markets
-29 Article
-All important product lines
-High Sales volume
-Also Suitable for DIY-Stores
-Attractive Trading range

Shelve module 4/specialist retail shop

Block 4 is ideal for retailers, for retail chains or for DIY stores with major department. The assortment covers the following segments:

-For full assortment
- 39 articles
-High Revenue contribution
-Wide Demand coverage
-Also possible as a second placement
-Attractive Trading range
-Optimally for DIY stores
-Optimally for garden centers
-Optimally for retail chains with specialist retail

The DeliBest sample case can be used for sampling at the customer site and offers a small assortment to show. The case is often used by sales representatives and can help to serve the customers with active information for the eye .

musterkoffer geschlossenmusterkoffer offen

Assortment in the sample case as PDF for download
sample case PDF

A small and brief summary of our company. Either to own information or for presentation to the customer.


The image brochure as a PDF file, click here.
Imagebrochure PDF

Eitherfor training purposes of the employee or for presentation to the customer, the sales arguments can help to control the end-users in its purchasing behavior with information about the product.
The complete lists can be found here for downloading:

Download the sales argumentation as Pdf

Download the assortment describtion as Pdf

Our assortment as a product catalog at a glance contains important information about our products and services.


Product catalog to download as PDF.
Product catalog PDF (20 MB)

The production site of our factory in Hölstein:

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