Filet Snack 100% Made in Switzerland

Filet Snack is a reward item of excellent acceptance made with fresh meat. It serves as unmixed source of protein and energy, and is ideal for all dogs. The meat is cold-formed, thus this valuable minerals are retaining in the meat. The gentle preparation is made without additives or preservatives, as well as without grain, and is therefore gluten-free. DeliBest Filet Snack is made entirely in Switzerland. This ensures sustainable production and a gentle use of resources, as well as a high-quality product „Made in Switzerland“. DeliBest fillet snacks are produced in Switzerland according to strict HACCP and ISO 22000 guidelines. The latest insights are also applying to sustainable production and careful use of resources. These guidelines serve to produce this valuable product in food quality. DeliBest Filet Snacks are available in 3 different kind of meat variations.

Filet Snacks are available in 3 delicious varieties, chicken from Switzerland, guinea fowl from France and duck from France.



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