Best of Swiss Simmental beef for the dog

Meat from Simmental beef is at top chefs worldwide in trend. The marbling and flavor make the meat to something special. Delipet AG offers Simmental meat for the dog. Whether as a special and noble chew for snack or as a reward with high acceptance, the DeliBest Simmental beef is a suitable chew for large and small dogs.

"Simmental meat snacks are dried over beechwood fire, thereby a fine kitchen smoke flavor is emerged."

The meat we purchase from Switzerland and the Alpine region. Spicy grass fodder and alpine herbs are resulting the delicious meat flavor. The unmixed DeliBest Simmental beef snacks providing a meanful employment, strengthen the muscles of mastication and are also suitable for dental cleaning. The Simmental Chews are intended for administration between meals or as a reward.

This is an example package in our own brand DeliBest. In the assortment list are even more items which are not seen here on those pictures.

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