New source of protein: meat and snacks from water buffalo

Buffalo meat products have everywhere very great success. Buffalo meat can't be compared with exotic meat even with the beef so the meat is very appreciated in many steakhouses. Delipet AG offers products from water buffalo that dogs will enjoy this delicious and unique specialties. Buffalo meat is also a very valuable and tasty alternative for dogs with allergies.

Customers appreciate the wild-like taste of the meat and its nutritional value. In addition, the meat has a very low cholesterol level why it may be an ideal complement and variety for overweight dogs. His high content of unsaturated fatty acids may also be conducive to the welfare of the dog.

Delipet AG offers this tasty specialty in 3 delicious flavors at:

(from left to right)

  • DeliBest Premium Water buffalo meat sticks 200g
  • DeliBest Premium Water buffalo horn shoes 200g
  • DeliBest Premium Water buffalo Oxtail 200g

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