Quality assurance accompanied us from supplying over manufacturing to customers. We are certified to:

  • ISO 22 000, Global Standard for Food Industry, meets the requirements of
  • ISO 22002 -1 IFS International Food Standard and BRC (British Retail Consortium)
  • HACCP Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points
  • GHP Good Manufacturing


With our defined product quality, we fully want to meet the customer requirements. The healthy nutrition of animals is our greatest concern. With our own friendly manufacturing processes without the addition of chemical auxiliary substances as well as compliance with a strict hygiene concept, we ensure safe products and thereby protect the environment. With inclusion of dog experts and veterinarians, we are constantly developing new products.


1. Raw material procurement
Raw materials we select from quality companies who comply with the relevant statutory provisions specified in terms of residues, drugs, myotoxine and hormones.
With a continuous traceability system we can assign the batch of devices at any time.

2. manufacturing processes
Our processes we master thanks to clear guidelines, records and regular inspections.

3. Nutritional Analysis
The nutritional value we provide to compliance with clearly defined requirements corresponding to residual moisture, protein content, fat and ash.

4. Hygiene profile
The product hygiene we check periodic by laboratory tests in content of Enterobacteriaceae, total bacterial number and Salmonella

5. Entire production and storage rooms
The entire production process to the finished warehouse is controlled by electronic control with clean and conditioned air. Together with the cooled finished warehouse we are active preventing undesirable microorganisms and insects.

Our company is under the control of the Swiss veterinary authorities.

Our packaging is traceable by batch code to our raw material suppliers.


Our ISO Certificate 22002-1 for download

Our ISO Certificate 22000 for download

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