nachhaltigkeit "Our actions are guided by a holistic, social, ecological and economic aspects of sustainable"

Our sustainability aims leads us to innovative solutions, corresponding experiences of success and provide a large ROE (Return of Engagement). The raw materials with that we produce our products, we are looking to pruchase from companys, which set the value to a natural and ecologically oriented manufacturing. Our specialties are made of meat. Meat and meat parts offers the dogs and cats a welfare and sustainable feeding.

At the company level, we achieving the following results, among other things, resulted in a lower environmental impact and reduced use of resources:

  1.     Heat recovery chillers, reduction of energy for hot water and heating the building.
  2.     Exhaust optimization for reduced fuel consumption
  3.     Investment in environmentally friendly air cleaning system, thereby waiving water use
  4.     Thereby avoiding the use of chemicals for the filter cleaning
  5.     Cargo Vehicles Technology EUR 06, over 20% reduction in fuel consumption
  6.     External Logistics: No empty run trips
  7.     Reusable containers in the internal logistics
  8.     Packaging technology without paper and label use
  9.     Instruction / training and raising employee awareness about reducing the use of auxiliary materials and energy, as well as active saving behavior
  10.     Paperless communication (customer orders, delivery notes, invoices)
  11.     Paperless Customs Clearance via e-dec

We also purchase environmentally and friendly electricity from european hydropower. Our ecological behavior allowed us to renounce the energy source fuel oil since 2014.

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