Meat snacks from Swiss meat: Criteria for selection of Swiss meat

A lot of good things is said about Swiss meat. But is it true that our local products are more sustainable? has looked at the Swiss animal husbandry and Swiss meat production and put together the most important facts for you.



1. Strict animal protection law

Switzerland has one of the most stringent animal protection laws in the world. This guarantees that the animals are suitably fed and kept animal-friendly.

2. Complete documentation

Thanks to strict controls and a complete documentation, Swiss meat can be traced from the supermarket to the farms.

3. Species equitably food 

Swiss farm animals receive strictly controlled, species- and environmentally fair food. Ruminants in particular receive roughage, also grass and hay, and comparatively some power feed. The animal feed is free from genetically modified organisms. Hormones and antibiotics are also strictly prohibited.

4. A few imports of food

Swiss agriculture produces 86% of the animal feed itself. Imports, mainly soya - 93% of it comes form certified sustainable production.

5. Voluntary measures

Many Swiss farms are participating in the voluntary programs "Particularly animal-friendly stables (BTS)" and "Regular outdoor going (RAUS)". These programs provide for various measures to promote animal welfare.

6. Sustainable land using

Only 1/3 of the agricultural area in Switzerland is suitable for the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruits. The rest are meadows and pastures, which provide the best food for our farm animals. At the same time, our cows, goats and sheeps ensuring an intact landscape, especially in mountain regions.

7. Low consumption of fresh water

Agriculture consumes around 70% of the fresh water world-wide - in Switzerland it is only 2%. Thanks to large rainfall, we can largely dispense with artificial irrigation of pastures. Switzerland is also called the water castle of Europe!

These and many other reasons actually ensure that Swiss meat is more sustainable. It is good to pay attention to the origin during shopping and maybe even pay more - but to enjoy with a clear conscience. With the knowledge of having a good piece of indigenous quality.

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